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Zach Williams
Rescue Story

  Writing music and playing guitar spanning for two decades, it was when Zach Williams completely gave his life to Christ that everything changed and he knew he'd found his calling. Now with immense clarity of purpose given only from God, Zach has also been blessed with a crisp and renewed vision of who he is as an artist and a songwriter.

  "I have a lot to say about what I walked through to get to where I am," he says, which he shares in his epiphanic journey throughout his new album, Rescue Story, slated to release October 4, 2019 (Sony Music/PLG).

  The title track is the just released lead single, which has already entered Billboard's Contemporary Christian Music top 20.

  The ten songs found on the anticipated new project, produced by Jonathan Smith, are a reflection of where Williams' life was 20 years ago to now, to the moments and places that he didn't even realize God was involved. He shares, "I can see now He was putting these little things together and allowing me to live in these moments so I can write about it one day. Rescue Story is the appropriate title for it all."

  "Heaven Help Me" and "Walk With You" are just a couple of the songs that came to him when he looked back on his life during the writing process.

  "So many times, I was in the wrong places and making wrong choices, yet it was God who was keeping me safe, even when I thought he was too far gone," he says. "There Was Jesus" continues that same theme, and is also a highlight for Williams as the song is a duet with the iconic Dolly Parton.

  "Over the past few years, I've met all kinds of people just like me, people who are dealing with addictions, cancer, suicide," Williams explains. "Everyone has a different yet such a remarkable story. These are the people I write for because they are me. I'm the average guy out there struggling just like everyone else, and the folks who are coming to our shows don't get a chance to share their own stories on a bigger stage. I feel it's a huge opportunity for me to write and share their songs."

  "Rescue Story," the album's first single and overarching theme, continues to climb the radio charts while also resonating with everyone who hears it. Both the single and "Walk With You" are available now as instant downloads with the album's pre-order campaign. The lyric video for "Walk With You" also just released, can be viewed at the top of the right column.

  Reflecting on his new album and the blessings Christ has given him, he explains, "When I gave my life to the Lord, I realized He never left me, even in the darkest times. For this new album, the title fits because every song has a rescue story. When you're at your end of the rope, that's when your rescue story begins. In my case, Jesus has been mine."

  Zach recounts here how he was rescued by Christ from his soul-destroying rock 'n' roll existence.

  "On the outside, everyone thought I was completely happy but on the inside, I was a wreck and a miserable person," explained Williams. "It wasn't until I found Jesus when I was truly happy and able to enjoy the things in life that I'm now doing. Before I didn't even enjoy playing music, I left every night with an empty hole. Now, I get to leave fulfilled every single night."

  It was just a mere three years ago when Williams rapidly made a name for himself with his record-breaking debut single, "Chain Breaker," following it up with two more award-winning songs, "Old Church Choir" and "Fear Is a Liar." Two versions of his debut album have released, Chain Breaker and the Deluxe Edition, as well as an EP, Survivor: Live From Harding Prison.

See Zach William's "Rescue Story" Video - Click Here

See Zach William's "Survivor"
(Live From Harding Prison) -
Click Here

See Zach William's "Fear Is a Liar"
(Official Music Video) -
Click Here

Chris Pratt Uses Zach Williams Song, "Chain Breaker" in Video - Click Here

See Zach William's Official Video for
"Old Church Choir" -
Click Here

See Zach William's Official Video for the #1 CCM Song, "Chain Breaker"

 Click Here

   Williams has earned a GRAMMY Award (2018) and two additional nominations (2017, 2019), and has won four GMA Dove Awards, two K-LOVE Fan Awards, three gold singles, and numerous other nominations and recognition, all which quickly made him a household name and a staple at radio.

  Zach continues to tour this summer hitting all of the major festivals in the U.S. and Canada.  He was most recently in Atlanta this summer doing a postgame concert at Suntrust Park following a Braves game.
   This fall he will headline "The Rescue Story Tour." With support from Bethel Music's Josh Baldwin, the tour kicks off October 10.

Zach Williams won the "Best Contemporary Christian Music Album" award with his Chain Breaker release. The artist stated on Twitter that night that he was "shocked" by his win. "Blown away. Completely shocked. I'm a huge fan of everyone in the category and honored to win, but without God none of this would be possible. Thank you all for your love and support," tweeted Williams..


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Zach Williams
"Rescue Story"
(from Rescue Story)

Zach Williams
"Chain Breaker"
(from Chain Breaker)

Campus worship leader and songwriter Zach Williams offers his solo debut, adding to the momentum of his airwave-dominating single. This 2017 Essential Records release includes the newly recorded version of "Chain Breaker" plus more songs of redemption and grace, including "Old Church Choir," "So Good To Me," "Survivor," and others.
2017 Grammy Nominee: Best CCM Performance / Song- "Chain Breaker"

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