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God Chaser

Interview by Richard Cox, GospelCity.com

  Gospelcity talked to RCA Inspiration Artist William Murray about his latest project, which is currently holding at #3 on Billboard's Gospel Music Charts and his insights about worship and his preaching ministry.

 Gospelcity:  Let me start by congratulating you on your latest project "God Chaser."  I know youíre excited about it.  Itís an exciting time when youíre getting ready to birth something new to the body of Christ.

  William Murphy:  Iím excited about a couple of things. This is my first album which was on Verity which is now changed over to RCA Inspiration which is a major change there. 
 Thatís exciting because we are merging resources and teams that will help the overall effort with promoting the record. Iím excited about this record, "God Chaser" on this label.
  The album is a result of just the times that we had in prayer and worship in our church.  God just gave us these 15 songs and we knew it was time to make another record.  We started gathering our resources and talking with folks and saying we are ready to make another record.  We ended up with the relationship with Verity (now called RCA Inspiration).  
 This collection of songs...I call them a collection of prophetic songs. There are songs that literally meet the people where they are. Every time we sing them itís like God present comes. You can sense Godís presence when we sing these songs. Churches all over the world are going to be singing the songs.  Some of the songs are already out like ĒGod Chaser.Ē  People have been singing that song for over a year. With the phenomenon of YouTube and the digital platforms somebody got a hold of ďGod ChaserĒ and people started singing it in their churches.  We had not even recorded the song yet.  People were already grabbing the music and singing it.  People were like, "when we can get it?"  These songs are what I call Sunday morning songs. It is songs people are going to be able to use to access Godís presence.

GC:  I know, even in my church, the praise teams
have been already singing the songs.
Itís something fresh to bring to the worship experience. 

, how many CD projects have you done?

  WM: Technically, this will be my fourth solo project. Itís funny. I was talking about this on the radio today.  My first project was called "Changes" that I made about 15 years ago. I borrowed $8,000.00 from my grandfather to make it.  It was one of those records. The funny thing, I was in Japan a few months ago and somebody walked up to me with that CD.  I was going, Wow!! I was like, people are still listening to those songs. God has given me that grace to record and write those kinds of songs that kind of stay in peopleís hearts. 

GC:  William, even when you are singing on other CD projects you bring this intensity to the worship experience.  I was wondering, where does that intensity come from?

  WM:  Really, itís a passion to be not so much in Godís presence as much as itís my desire to please God.  Thereís difference.  Some people, they want to be in Godís presence because they feel better, to get healed. But my desire and my passion when you hear my worship is to please God. I was saying this to someone yesterday...the reason that I worship to God with such a passion is because Iíve messed up.  Iíve messed up and I need God.  Thatís what you hear in ďPraise Is What I Do when you hear ďGod Chaser,Ē or ďYou Reign Thatís what comes across in the music.  I think thatís why itís been a blessing to people because they are able to sense my heart and know that my passion is really for God and not just about His presence.

GC:  You answered my question because I know youíre singing from a real place.  Youíre drawing from experiences with God when you needed Him and
you are reaching and touching others.

  WM: You get to a place and realize all of this other stuff Iíve been trying...they are all counterfeits.  Let me just find God for real. You get to that place and figure out what really matters and God blesses you.  Man, Iím excited about this record. One of the lines says ďI chase God. I want God.Ē
   We are making a distinction between just again being in a place of need where I need something from God but making the transition to the place I just want God.  I think youíll see that transition in this record.  Weíre ministering to a place not just, "Hey God, help me," but to a place of, "Hey God, I just want to be with you."

GC:  You are known for singing worship songs.  What is your definition of worship?

  WM: Itís a simple question, but itís not.  My definition is complete devotion to your relationship with God. I worship God because Iím devoted to my relationship. Not because Iím scared to go to Hell.  You see the difference.

GC:  I see the difference.

  WM: Iím not worshipping out of fear of God. Iím worshipping God because I tried this other stuff and Iím still not fulfilled and Iím realizing that really God is what I really need.  It births another type of hunger in a manís soul when you finally get to that place when you really realize its God who I really need. I believe youíre going to see this in this record.  Thereís a song on the project that says ďMy life is in your handĒ and another song that says ďYou Reign.Ē 
  Thereís another song ďIt Works.Ē But the lyric says ďthis is my season of grace and faith.Ē It is sort of a culmination of my relationship with God.  Once you get to a place with your relationship with God and He can trust you with some things, then some things can turn in your favor.

GC:  When people are listening to your project God Chaser, what do you want the listener to take away from the project?

 WM: My prayer is, when people finish listening to the "God Chaser" record, that they will have renewed hunger to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Thatís my prayer that the music would impact their lives to want to go back to the project to have the experience and encounter every day.  Thatís my prayer, not to just sell some records or for people to say ďOh we love that song,Ē but to really create this hunger for Godís presence. People just want to have this experience daily that they experiencing Godís presence becomes a part of their daily bread.

GC:  William, how do you balance being the pastor, family man and artist?

  WM:  Man to be honest with you, Iím juggling a little bit here.  I find balance because I look for it.  Some guys are so committed to the ministry that they become uncommitted to their families. Iím able to find some kind of balance because I look for it. I tell the church sometimes, Iím not coming to church or an event because my daughter has a basketball game.  There are some days I have to tell my daughter, this is really important and daddyís going to miss this game. But Iím going to be at the next 3 games.  Youíve got to find that balance. There are some invitations Iím not able to accept because Iíve got something going on at my church or Iíve got things going on with my children or my wife. Balance has to be intentional.

GC:  William, since you get to travel and preach around the world you get a perspective about whatís going on in the Body of Christ, hw would you describe this time we are in currently the Body of Christ?

  WM: I really see the Body of Christ coming out of a season of demonic depression.  I really see the Body of Christ really going into our finest hour.  Weíve had some difficult days man.  Weíve had some bad days.  I see the Body of Christ emerging in this season. We are coming forward. 
  How I see this happening is because the focus is moving away from the pulpit and now the focus is moving to the pew.  The concept of church is evolving and people are understanding now that itís not just about me going sitting and listening to someone talk to you but itís really about a need for me to develop my relationship with God.  
  The point is, if the pastor quits, the Body of Christ is still moving forward.  Itís not just about one person or one personality.  Literally, the soldiers are getting into position.  I think people are being empowered on a personal level.  I see the Body of Christ advancing. 
  The theme at our church (The Dream Center Church in Atlanta) is ďDeveloping a Better Me.Ē  One of the things that God keeps saying to me is, if we can focus on getting better personally, that the corporate man will automatically be better because we have everybodyís focus on developing themselves.  Instead of everyone saying ďLet the preacher do it,Ē we are all working together.  Now we understand that the kingdom agenda is all of our assignment, not just pastor's.

GC:  Thatís why I like asking pastors this question about the season we are living in the Body of Christ.  I personally definitely sense that myself as you were talking.  Share with me information about your church.

  WM:  Iíve had the honor of leading the Dream Center Church.  Iíve pastured for seven years now. We are in North Atlanta and now recently at South Atlanta.  You can find us on the website www.thedreamcenterchurch.org or you can find us on Facebook at thedreamchurchofatlanta or on Twitter at dreamcenteratl.

GC:  How can people find out about your
 CD project God Chaser?

  WM:  You can go RCA Inspiration website www rcainspirition. You can find me on Twitter at PastorMurphy and Facebook at WilliamMurphyiii.

Also find it in our online Christian Bookstore
for 17% off at just $9.99.


GC:  What do you do in your spare time for fun?

 WM:  Man, during my wind down time Iím a movie buff.  I like to bowl.  I enjoy doing regular stuff.

From GospelCity.com - Click Here

See William Murphy's
"It's Working" video
Click Here

  William Murphy's God Chaser Debuts at #3

  William Murphyís first major label release Ė GOD CHASER Ė lands at #3 on Billboard's Gospel Sales Chart, marking the highest debut of his career.
  GOD CHASER features the instant anthem ďYou Reign,Ē which is quickly approaching Top-10 at Gospel radio and is already a Sunday morning favorite at churches around the country.  A relentless worshipper, Murphy recently made stirring appearances on The Word Network and BETís Bobby Jones Gospel.
  ďThere is no doubt that William Murphy, III was born to worship,Ē says Bishop Paul S. Morton.  ďHis life is evident of the special calling and anointing that God has on his life.  He has not only caused me to go to deeper depths in my time of worship, but he has blessed the lives of so many across the globe.Ē
  Murphy says GOD CHASER is a collection of prophetic songs, known in the church as ďsongs of the Lord.Ē  ďThe essence of my ministry, my calling, is to usher people into the presence of the Lord in a way so powerful that they become true God chasers.  That is the essence of my life.  So the CD is a collection of prophetic songs that came to us in prayer and in times of worship.Ē

  William Murphy III emerged in a great way on the Gospel music scene in 2001 as the lead vocalist on the hit praise and worship anthem, "Praise Is What I Do", from the Shekinah Glory Ministry debut project. Murphy brought a passion to the song that still resonates with listeners.

  Murphy has the ability to write songs and deliver them in such a way that pulls on listener's heartstrings while leaving them with an infectious melody that stays in their heads long after the song has ended.

  God Chaser is a 13-tracker filled with powerful messages of hope, and chock full of the praise and worship standards that audiences have come to expect from Murphy. It's also is his first release for RCA Inspiration (and also the first release for this rebranded label, after decades under the Verity Records name).

  The project opens up with the up-tempo title cut. It's a high energy and has a definitive message of allegiance and commitment to God. The song evokes movement and the chorus is catchy.

  It's followed up by the first radio single, "You Reign", which has a smooth melodic flow and instantly grabs the listener. The words are declarative and convey a powerful message. The drive seals the deal, instantly marking this song as a potential praise and worship standard.

  "In Your Hands" has rock, reggae, and CCM musical elements. Fuse that with its Gospel melodies and you have a feel-good song with a little edge. The harmonies, baseline, and drum sequences come together to create a funky sound. The song ends off with a good ole' hand-clapping, foot-stomping Gospel drive.

  "It's Working" opens up with Murphy's signature vocals and has a jazz verve, building out sonically and vocally to a powerful drive. Murphy's ability to exhort through song is showcased on this song. Then there's "Already Getting Better". It's a simple song with a warm sound, and an inspiring message of hope for the believer. The musical and vocal arrangements compliment each another and nod to both contemporary and traditional Gospel sounds.

  Another highlight is "Write A Song", a simple melodious number that expresses God's love for each believer's unique song of praise. The song was penned by Murphy's 10-year old son, adding to the tenderness and purity of the song.
  "Pray For Me" is a ballad with a powerful message of hope. It builds to a rousing declaration of faith. Murphy leads in exhortation and reprises the song. He definitively declares that "this is for the one that has been struggling all year."
  Lastly, take note of "Make Me Righteous", which is reminiscent of the hit worship anthem "Praise Is What I Do". It speaks of the intimacy of one's relationship with God through worship.

  After a brief hiatus from recording, Murphy comes out the gate strongly with this new project. God Chaser is a great musical offering that is one you will want to add to your collection this year.


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"It's Working"
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