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Ready to Fly

  Atlanta based Contemporary Christian singer Jamie Grace has only been a professional musician since 2010, but she's already released several albums and EPs, won the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year, and starred the movie Grace Unplugged. And she's also waiting till marriage!

Quotes about waiting
and dating...

From  her YouTube video Boys, Boys, Boys...

If dating is something that can be done with intention, why spend your precious time doing it for no reason? Why not wait until it's right and spend that time with someone who truly deserves yours? [...] The time that we've been given is a gift: don't waste it.

I believe I was created by the creator of love. I know that he knows my dreams, my hopes and my future. And I believe it's my goal to live a life that is pleasing to him doing whatever it is he has in store while I am and I have waited for the love of my life. I believe that true love is the most beautiful thing in the world and I believe it's worth waiting for and I really hope that you'll give waiting a chance too.

 In an interview with
 Sisterhood Magazine...

I'm definitely an old-fashioned girl. I want the door opened for me, and I believe in being pursued. In my song, 'God's Girl,' I sing about everything happening in His timing. When He's ready for me to take the step to begin dating, I'll take it. Meanwhile, I'm going to concentrate on loving Jesus and sharing Him through music.

If I like a guy, I'm not one who is going to reach for his hand or give him a long hug. I've set boundaries and believe these are things that should be shared with someone I would be very serious with - not a casual dating relationship.

I don't know if the first guy I date will end up being my husband, but I do know I'm not going to date anyone who isn't husband material. If a guy isn't working with me spiritually, doesn't respect my parents and doesn't respect his parents, then he's not dating material because he's not
husband material.

Lyrics to her song "God Girl"...

And when my ears start hearin'
what people say

Hurry up, find love,
cause time's tickin' away

Well, I'm not bein' lazy,
I'm just waiting for

Still waiting for the right boy

Cause I only want to listen to Your voice.
So I'll be listenin'

Always listenin' to you everyday

Interesting facts about Jamie...

* Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 30:5 - "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning."

* She plays the drums, guitar, piano,
bass guitar, ukulele and banjo.

* TobyMac signed Jamie after tracking her clever YouTube videos for more than three years. He first got in touch with Jamie by tweeting her!

* Jamie admits to having insomnia.

* Jamie has Tourette Syndrome. Her tics manifest as squeezing her eyes closed, clenching fingers and toes, and bending her arms and legs rapidly.

From WaitngTillMarriage.org
Click Here

See Jamie Grace's "It's Beautiful" Video

Click Here

   Jamie Grace's latest song "Beautiful Day," off her album Ready To Fly is more than just a fun, catchy tune. "It has a message saying that in spite of what we're going through, every day is a good and an incredible gift because God made it," says the singer. "In my young life I learned that every day can begin worshiping my creator."
  The song has already achieved the rate feat of showing up high on Billboard's Contemporary Christian music charts and with her first appearance on their Gospel music charts. Rarely does any artist show up on both.

  "The entire concept of Ready To Fly is being ready even when you don't know what the Lord has planned for your future," explains Jamie. "I realized I don't have to have my whole life figured out to start my journey. This record is about being in the waiting with God, yet while you're waiting being ready to move - ready to fly - when the timing is right." 

  Jamie has come a long way since being "discovered" by tobyMac years ago- something she is still trying to wrap her head around. "I'm still having a hard time processing the response to 'Hold Me,' the song I started in my dorm room," says Jamie, who graduated from Point University in East Point. "The past few years have been absolutely incredible and I feel so blessed to have the privilege of sharing even more music."

 Originally from Atlanta, Jamie released her first album "One Song At A Time" in September 2011, and followed that with the holiday record Christmas Together (October 16, 2012).
  With a bachelor's in child and youth development, Jamie uses her platform as a singer, songwriter, speaker and actress as a way to motivate those around her, especially kids and teens. She performs and speaks throughout the country, despite being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome at the age of 11. "It took our lives for a spin," she explains of the diagnosis. "I learned early on that Tourette's is not life-threatening, but it is life-altering."

 The song "Hold Me,"actually first came to be as she was describing her "snuggie." As she continued to describe her blanket and add words to the tune, she came to the realization that God's love embraced her so much more than any physical commodity ever could.

  "The greatest love I ever knew had nothing to do with a blanket with sleeves, but everything to do with a God that was holding me and would never let me go."
  Being a Grammy nominee and Best New Artist Dove Award winner, the singer has been catching the attention of many, and even appearing on ABC's hit TV show "The View."

 In addition to gearing up for the release of her new album, Jamie can be found on the big screen in the film Grace Unplugged. Actress AJ Michalka- who plays the lead role in the film- sang Jamie's praises after spending time with the singer on the set.
   "She is amazing. I absolutely adore her. She is so talented, she had never acted before and she did so well," says AJ. "She was really, really comfortable and we actually became really close friends. It was very easy to work with her and it just felt really natural."

 Jamie's tracks "Beautiful Day" and "Fighter" are included. Manwell of Group 1 Crew, Morgan Harper Nichols, and Jason Crabb are featured on the new album.  Grace re-united with previous producers Christopher Stevens, and David Garcia for the album, working with Chuck Butler for the first time.
  For 2014 Jamie has joined TobyMac's The Hits Deep tour features some of the biggest and rising stars in Christian rock and pop music, including Brandon Heath, Mandisa, Colton Dixon, Chris August and the Capital Kings.

Mini Biography

  Born: November 25, 1991 to James and Mona Harper who are both pastors.

  Childhood: Her parents move to Georgia when she is very young to start a church. She is raised in metropolitan Atlanta, where she still lives today.

  Age 7:  Begins learning to play the guitar.

  Age 8: Starts manifesting symptoms of Tourette syndrome in the form of tics - involuntary movements and sounds - and an obsession to repeat certain behaviors and phrases.

  Age 11: Diagnosed with Tourette syndrome. She has spoken about this condition in various American states through her music and speaking.

   Age 13: Rekindles relationship with God. She said that she had never turned her back on God but at this age, she had a renewed relationship with the Creator. Starts pursuing a career in singing by putting up videos on Youtube. Singing will eventually help her cope with her condition.

   Age 14: Her parents give her a drum kit and she starts teaching herself to play. At this age she also begins acting by making her own films.

  Age 15: Starts sharing her story in GraceTalk, a monthly mentoring group for young girls. Starts filmmaking company Eye 4 See Productions in her senior year of high school.

   Age 16: Graduates from high school.

   Age 18- 19: TobyMac discovers her in Youtube and signs her to his label Gotee Records. Before signing her to his label, TobyMac has tracked her clever YouTube videos for more than three years.

   Age 19: Releases her debut EP, Hold Me. It will eventually become one of the most added singles to Christian Hit Radio stations. Releases her debut album One Song at a Time in stores. Jesus Freak Hideout announces that Hold Me is in No. 1 spot at CHR

   Age 20: Releases second EP, Christmas Together. Graduates from college with a bachelor's degree in Child & Youth Development from Point University. She wins the 2012 Dove Award for New Artist of the Year. Grace Unplugged, a movie starring Jamie, is due to be released later this year.

  Age 22: Releases album "Ready To Fly". The first single, "Beautiful Day" is one of the rare songs to show up on both of Billboard's Contemporary Christian and Gospel Music charts. It currently sits at #3 on each chart.

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(Ready To Fly)

Jamie Grace
(One Song At A Time)

CBD Price: $7.99

With her own stylistic blend of stripped down acoustics and funky pop sensibilities, Gotee Records latest signee Jamie Grace makes her debut with One Song At a Time. Showcasing her positive, can-do attitude and plainspoken faith, this eleven song set includes the radio smash "Hold Me," featuring TobyMac and the new single "You Lead."
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