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Article by C.J. Darlington, author of the novels Thicker than Blood and Bound by Guilt and co-founder of Christian entertainment site TitleTrakk.com.

You were a schoolteacher before you became a published novelist. What was it that drew you to become a teacher?

  Beverly: I’m not sure if a person can be a born teacher, but my mother said I was conducting “school” with my dollies, all lined up in a row, long before I was ever in kindergarten. I always knew I would be a schoolteacher when I grew up. That, and write stories which I hid in the bottom drawer of my dresser for decades.

Do you now feel that your fiction is a venue to teach, or do you not focus so much on the take-away message while you’re writing?

  BL: Giving my readers a peek into a little-known, little-understood people group is a process of educating, yes, but the piety of the Amish is a real draw, I think, for me and for my legion of readers, as well. As I continue to research this cloistered sect and discover more about the People, I’m compelled to share in story their tradition, triumphs, and trials. Interwoven—always, always—is the fingerprint of God on the Anabaptist faith, of which I am a recipient, having come from Old Order Mennonites on my mother’s side of the family, as many of my reader-friends know.

 Your maternal grandmother Ada Buchwalter was the inspiration for your novel The Shunning, and probably other scenarios in your novels as well. Did you know this great woman, or had she moved on to heaven before you were born?

  BL: My parents and I actually lived on the top floor of the old brick house where Grandma Ada was living when she went to be with the Lord. I was just 5 ½ at that time. But, oh, do I remember my devout grandmother and the things she shared with me, especially when she was ill and dying. She said the most important thing I could ever do was to give my entire heart—and my whole life—to the Lord Jesus. And, always attempt to do the right thing, even when no one was looking.

What is your favorite memory (or story you heard about her) of all time?

  BL: Grandma Ada received her very first kiss by her husband when she was only one year old, and she was never kissed again until her wedding day, nearly twenty years later. My grandfather, Omar Buchwalter, was so taken with little Ada (he was slightly older)—people said it was Ada’s big, brown eyes that “did something” to Omar.
  I also love how cheerful Grandma Ada was—she was known to whistle hymns in the barn while doing her chores as a young girl. Her mother, my great-grandmother Ranck, said that a whistling woman certainly was not a righteous one. But Ada whistled anyway, to the chagrin of her older siblings…and to the glory of God.

Many of the characters you’ve created struggle with their faith, as many of us have, which makes them so much more real. Have you ever personally struggled with your faith? If so, could you share with us a little about that time and how the Lord helped you through it?

  BL: Life’s greatest disappointments often rattle our faith. I wouldn’t say my own faith was actually at risk, though, but I did spend years questioning God (aren’t we all good at that?!) Hearing the diagnosis that I would most likely never give birth to my flesh-and-blood children, made me whine and weep and wonder why my heavenly Father would allow this to happen. Why me? Like many women with a strong maternal instinct and a desire for a family, I grappled with the concept: Why did God put this intense desire within me, yet I could not have a baby?
  Then, years later, when we began to consider adoption, there was even more struggling. Could we make the leap to accepting someone else’s child as our own? Fervent and unselfish prayers commenced, and we had to learn to trust God for what was HIS plan for our lives, which ultimately produced tendered hearts in my husband and me. Wanting only the Lord’s will, we soon became eager and willing to open our home and hearts to three beautiful babies (two girls and a boy, including precious twins with special needs.)
  But, oh the joy of relinquishing our collective will and walking in the center of His. And, no, it wasn’t easy trudging through those dark days and heartbreaking years. But having had role models of great faith in my parents and grandparents—and having their prayers surround us, as well as our church family’s—taught us about submitting to a different plan. A higher plan…at least for us.

You’ve noted this before, but why do you think that of the few young people who eventually leave the Amish way of life, it’s usually a spunky girl who does so rather than a boy?

  BL: I may have pointed that out some years ago, but more recently both young men and women are leaving behind their Plain upbringing for our modern world, due, in part, to the diminishing size of the family farm, or the lack thereof, which pushes Amish young people into the English world for their livelihood. Only about 30% of Lancaster County Amish are farming today—an amazing shift from even ten to fifteen years ago. Yet, remarkably, the retention rate for that same area of Amish is still at about 90%--another profound fact. Those who don’t join the Amish church often do so in other more liberal Anabaptist groups, such as Mennonites or Brethren, although some gravitate to Pentecostal and evangelical churches. And some never join any fellowship of believers.

 In your new book, The Guardian, a young Englisher schoolteacher is invited to substitute teach in an Amish school. What a great premise! How likely is that to happen in Amish culture?

  BL: In doing my research (which I adore!), I discovered that a number of Englishers in various states have either been substitute teachers in an Amish or Amish/Mennonite school, or have been appointed by an Amish school board as a permanent teacher for several years, with close scrutiny, of course. I even met a non-Amish woman during my recent book tour to Minnesota who shared her experience of doing this very thing. I’ve yearned to write this storyline for years, delightful and intriguing as it is to my own teacher-heart.

You’ve never written to the market but have always written your heart. How would you say The Guardian has touched your heart as the author and what was it that compelled you to tell this tale?

  BL: Ironically, the first seeds of this gripping story came from a news article I read in the South, while on a book tour. A small Amish boy had gone missing, having fallen out the back of his family’s buggy one night. Then, after I began talking with some of my Amish friends, I was told that this was not all that uncommon, though rather worrisome, especially if the child was too small to catch up with the horse and carriage—to alert the parents!
  I can tell you that I connected so completely with adorable little Sarah Esh (four years old), her anguished mother, Maryanna, and the young schoolteacher (and marathon runner) rescuer, Jodi Winfield. I honestly lost my heart to these three fascinating story people…and all the others in Hickory Hollow!  

As the author, do you ever feel let down when you’ve completed a series?

  BL: There will be at least five books in this series, “Home to Hickory Hollow”! I’m so thrilled, but I DO experience an overwhelming sadness when writing the final sentence of a book which brings to a culmination a series. Similar to post-partum blues, I’m told. But being a writer, I’m unable to stay very far from my computer desk and soon find myself, while mourning the last book, starting the outline for a new story.

What is your goal with all your fiction?

  BL: Always first: to honor our heavenly Father; secondly to offer a wholesome alternative to hundreds of thousands of my readers, giving them an inspiring and unique glimpse into an Amish community.

Have you ever personally considered converting to the Amish way of life?
Why or why not?

  BL: Sure! When I was eight I was ready to join our Old Order Amish friends’ family—the striking Stoltzfuses with thirteen children in tow. I thought it would be way more fun to have so many siblings, since I only had one younger sister.

What do you love most about living in Colorado that you can’t enjoy in Pennsylvania?

  BL: Dave and I love to hike and ski in the high country. We take our kids and granddaughter with us. Biking, too. We embrace the grandeur and breathtaking vistas of the Rocky Mountains—especially the Continental Divide. What’s not to love?!

You’ve said before that music is in your DNA, and I know you taught (and played) music for many years. If you could play only one instrument for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

  BL: The piano, hands down! The instrument has strings and percussion all wrapped up in one grand package. Pardon the puns. I love playing our grand piano—and sometimes Dave and I play four-hands duets together. So fun.

What can readers expect next from you on the novel writing front?

  BL: I just completed The Secret Keeper which released in September, the fourth “stand-alone” book in my “Home to Hickory Hollow” series. This summer I’ll write the fifth book, yet untitled. Well, it IS but that’s top secret. 

Beverly, what are two things people might be surprised to know about you?

  BL: 1) I write my novels standing up. Yes, it’s true. Dave had a custom-made keyboard stand built for me so I can move around—even dance if I want to!—all while creating my stories.
   2) I’m blessed to be married to my partner in fiction. Dave and I live and breathe fiction; we brainstorm all of my plots and storylines at breakfast. In short, we LOVE fiction and its many techniques, including the classic twists and turns. Our kids, when they were growing up, rolled their eyes quite a lot, believe me. And they often warned each other, “Watch what you say, you might end up in one of Mom’s books!”

In other exciting news, the movie adaptation of The Confession aired on Hallmark in May! Going back to when you first wrote The Shunning . . . did you always have in mind that you were writing a trilogy, or did that come about after the success of the first book?

   BL: That first book, The Shunning, was really just one of my little experiments to see if I could write adult fiction (having written nearly 60 books for younger readers by that time.) I also wanted to write my grandmother’s story (loosely based) for our family, but inside of me, I seemed to know that the story was to be told in three parts. Bethany House wanted the trilogy once they read the first few chapters (and that first-person Prologue which is now one of my familiar trademarks)!

When you were writing The Shunning really sensed it was something special. Would you say the same thing about The Confession?

  BL: Oh, absolutely! There is nothing quite like this continuing story, and the book and the recent Hallmark movie—as well as the very popular musical play, “The Confession”—all seem to point to that fact.

Who is your favorite character in the trilogy and why?

   BL: Katie Lapp, because she reminds me of my very courageous grandmother, Ada Ranck Buchwalter, who followed her heart and the Lord she loved, despite the odds.

Parting words?

  BL: May I say “thank you” to each reader-friend who has read my books and taken this journey via story, along with me, for the past twenty years? I love writing compelling books for you, visualizing you all curled up with a cup of hot tea in winter, and lounging out on your sunny decks in summer. Your interaction with me, via social media, warms my heart day after day. It is my delight to connect with you, pray for you, and blend my heart with yours as we walk through this earthly life together. You have read my heart on the pages of my books, and because of it, you know me well. Think of the pure joy we will experience on the other side of the “veil,” when Jesus calls us home. I can’t think of a happier reunion party, can you?


4 Questions with Beverly Lewis

  Writers are some of the most gifted people on the planet. They are creative, smart and the great ones have a way with words that can change people. Then there are those who write best selling work over and over again! I mean, I’m happy when I write a good blog post :).
   Yet, as often is the case, it’s their story that inspires me even more. “Meeting” New York Times Bestseller Beverly Lewis was a joy I’m blessed with (it may have something to do with my heart for adoption). This small look into her story not only gave me an idea of the inspiration to so many of her stories, but made me an even bigger fan.
  Thanks so much for sharing Beverly! Not only your fiction, but some of your own story as well!

Beverly Lewis, raised in Pennsylvania Amish country, is a former schoolteacher, an accomplished musician, and an award-winning author of nearly ninety books for adults and children, many of which have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today and The New York Times. Her novel The Brethren won a 2007 Christy Award for excellence in Christian fiction. Writing memorable stories set in Amish farmland brings Beverly continual joy and inspiration. Her own family heritage is Old Order Mennonite, but she has many dear friends among Amish communities in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado.

   1. What is something about your life right now that you would never imagined 5 years ago?
  Having my novels come to life on film (“The Shunning” and “The Confession” for the Hallmark Movie Channel) and on the stage (“The Confession” musical).

  2. What is one thing that you would go back and do differently if you could?
  I would be less perfectionistic as a very young writer (from age 8 onward till publication when my children were in middle school)…less hung up on accomplishing a zillion goals. And I would be far less secretive about my writings from that time onward, as well. In short, more confident back then. But living is a learning process.

  3. What is one of the happiest moments of your life?
  When our first precious baby girl was born and available to be adopted–I received the call on Valentine’s Day. Talk about a LOVEly surprise!

  4. What is one thing you want the next generation to know?
  That life is far too short not to laugh a lot, love unconditionally, and make as big a difference in this world as possible.

  Tell us about the children you support in Thailand.
  Dave and I chose our first sponsored child from Compassion International which is based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We drove over to their headquarters and asked for the neediest little girl in Thailand. We wanted to save a life, so to speak, because of the despicable things that happen to so many young Thai girls. We picked five-year-old Nuchie (her nickname), trusting that through prayer and our correspondence with her, as well as the financial support, she might be guided toward the light of the Lord Jesus. She was 5 years old then and now she’s 16 and just married. We also support Laura in Bolivia, enrolled in Compassion’s Leadership Training Program, as well as four-year-old Ton of Thailand. We’re thrilled to have a small part in ministering to these precious young people.

  What is your favorite Bible verse?
  There are too many to recite. But Matthew 5:16 (NIV) is so much a part of my life: …”let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”

  What is your goal or mission as a writer of inspiration fiction?
  Imparting the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and allowing His light of grace and mercy shine from the pages of my book, is my hope and prayer…on whatever level the reader may bring to it, whether they are churchgoers or if they have no clue who Christ is. I trust that each reader will glean something of goodness and eternal hope, whether a life-changing direction or a spiritual truth. I want my books to be a wholesome option to the line-up of books on any bookstore shelf. And, from what my readers are saying, I believe my books tend to be instructional, due to the intense intrigue into the Anabaptist culture, my own heritage. The inner-woven aspects of grace are also important to me, the gentle weaving of this into the storyline.

  What are some of the challenges you face as an author?
  I find the process of first- draft writing to be quite difficult…each book seems harder to write than the one before. If I have a good day and things flow beautifully, well, that’s not really the norm. I think of myself as a re-writer…constantly reworking, polishing, tweaking.
  This question also ties in with the earlier one with regard to our sponsoring overseas children, coupled with the fact that two of our children are young adults, but they are developmentally disabled. One of my big priorities in life is to be a perpetual mom, to meet the special needs of our household on a day to day basis—to be continually patient, to “be Jesus” to our children.
  There are times when it is difficult to keep on top of my writing schedule, because my first calling is to our “kids.” Other challenges are the whole process of juggling what I need to do in the house, like laundry, cooking (which I love) etc…and getting the hours in that it requires to pull off the book deadlines. Another challenge I want to fulfill is answering my email from readers. Dave and I still view this to be a big part of my ministry. It’s an essential part of the whole.

  Beverly Lewis, born in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster, is The New York Times bestselling author of more than ninety books. Her stories have been published in eleven languages worldwide. A keen interest in her mother's Plain heritage has inspired Beverly to write many Amish-related novels, beginning with The Shunning, which has sold more than one million copies and was recently made into an Original Hallmark Channel movie. Beverly lives with her husband, David, in Colorado.

  At the tender age of nine, she began writing short stories and poetry. Prior to that, she made up lyrics to the "little fingers" piano pieces she learned, at the age of five.

   "My mother saved everything I wrote, even the stories I dreamed up during my grade school years," Beverly says.
  One such tale is semi-autobiographical, about a young girl whose parents can no longer afford to give her piano lessons. The manuscript was 77 pages long and titled "She Shall Have Music," penned under the shade of a lone willow tree.
  "Reading, writing, and playing piano have been top three on my list of favorite things," she says.

  Not until her own children were well into middle school did Beverly seek to publish her work, first in magazines such as Highlights for Children, Dolphin Log, and Guideposts for Kids. Her first book followed in 1993—Mountain Bikes and Garbanzo Beans—presently retitled Big Bad Beans (book #22 in the popular Cul-de-Sac Kids series of chapter books).

  Beverly's first venture into adult fiction is the best-selling trilogy, The Heritage of Lancaster County, including The Shunning, a suspenseful saga of Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman drawn to the modern world by secrets from her past. The book is loosely based on the author's maternal grandmother, Ada Ranck Buchwalter, who left her Old Order Mennonite upbringing to marry a Bible College student. One Amish-country newspaper claimed Beverly's work to be "a primer on Lancaster County folklore" and offers "an insider's view of Amish life."

  Asked if she is surprised by the popularity of her work, Lewis says, "The sales response for my work is astonishing, but even more heartwarming are thousands of letters a year pouring in from readers."
  Fans describe how her books have "touched a nerve, creating a curiosity about the Old Ways of the Amish... a yearning for a simpler life and return to traditional values in the mainstream society, where an impersonal, high-tech lifestyle reigns paramount," she explains. Beverly still takes time out of her busy schedule to answer her readers' letters.

  Booksellers across the country, and around the world, have spread the word of Beverly's tender tales of Plain country life. A clerk in a Virginia bookstore wrote, "Beverly's books have a compelling freshness and spark. You just don't run across writing like that every day. I hope she'll keep writing stories about the Plain people for a long, long time."

  A member of the National League of American Pen Women, as well as a Distinguished Alumnus of Evangel University, Lewis has written over 80 books for children, youth, and adults, many of them award-winning. She and her husband, David, make their home in Colorado, where they enjoy hiking, biking, and spending time with their family. They are also avid musicians and fiction "book worms."


Were you raised Amish? 

   I grew up an Assembly of God minister's daughter in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania—literally, on the second pew! However, my keen interest in Plain culture comes from a close family connection to Old Order Mennonites. My maternal grandmother—Ada Ranck Buchwalter—left the Mennonite community when she married. Many of Ada's family members were Mennonites, so I had Plain relatives on Mother's side.

I am interested in knowing more about your Plain heritage. How much experience do you have with that lifestyle? 

   I have lived with Old Order Amish on two separate occasions, while doing continued research on The Heritage of Lancaster County trilogy (The Shunning and subsequent sequels). My connection to the Plain community comes from my mother's Old Order Mennonite heritage. Growing up, I was surrounded by Mother's family at reunions and church gatherings. I remember going to water baptisms and all of us singing without any musical instruments—the rich four-part harmony of voices—happily watching relatives and friends being completely immersed in the Susquehanna River, just as I was baptized later at the age of 12.

What, if any, has the reaction been from the Amish community to your books? 

   I have received a lot of mail from Amish people. (Some who have been shunned.) Many ask, "How do you know so much about our tradition and culture?" Others from the New Order Amish have requested that I portray their communities, as well, such as Ohio, Indiana, and other states.

What is the recommended order for reading your books? 

Heritage of Lancaster County (series)

#1 The Shunning
#2 The Confession
#3 The Reckoning

The Postcard
The Crossroad
(sequel to The Postcard)

The Redemption of Sarah Cain *
October Song
The Sunroom *
Sanctuary *

Abram's Daughters (series)

#1 The Covenant
#2 The Betrayal
#3 The Sacrifice
#4 The Prodigal
#5 The Revelation

Annie's People (series)

#1 The Preacher's Daughter
#2 The Englisher
#3 The Brethren

The Courtship of Nellie Fisher (series)

#1 The Parting
#2 The Forbidden
#3 The Longing

Seasons of Grace (series)

#1 The Secret
#2 The Missing–NEW!
#3 The Telling
–Coming April 2010!

* Denotes "stand-alone" books, not involved in any particular series.

  The books Sanctuary and The Sunroom are non-sequential novels exploring different aspects of Amish life. The Redemption of Sarah Cain, the Heritage of Lancaster County series, and The Postcard and The Crossroad 2-book set should all be read prior to the book October Song, which updates the reader on various characters from those books.

I'd like to have an Amish pen-pal like Annie Zook in The Preacher's Daughter. Can you link me up with someone?

  While it is an interesting issue to consider, there are few Amish bishops who would actually allow their young people to correspond with the outside world, no matter how well-intentioned that person may be. As for my involvement, I'm sure you will understand that I am busy writing my next novel and don't have the time to provide a service for linking up non-Amish pen pals with the Plain community.

Is Katie Lapp a real person?

   The story of Katie Lapp was born out of my memories of growing up near Amish farmland. Katie is completely fictitious, yet her character is loosely based on my grandmother's background and circumstance. The subconscious seeds for Katie's predicament in The Shunning were planted early on, when, as a child, I heard the story of my courageous grandmother. The impetus behind the story came thirty years later, after I'd written the first five books of the Summerhill Secrets, also set in Lancaster's Amish country.

Before the Abram's Daughters series, your previous books were all set in the present. What prompted you to write about a different historical time period?

  I have been captivated by the wooded, rural area of Gobbler's Knob which is an actual location in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, just east of Grasshopper Level, also a quaint-sounding, real place. My father would often go to Gobblers Knob to buy the Thanksgiving turkey for our family, and I remember us driving in that area when I was a little girl. Because I knew Gobbler's Knob had changed drastically in the past decades, I wanted to write about it as it was in the late 40s into the mid 60s, which is where the series will pretty much end.

When did you first start writing? 

  I dearly loved books (thought of them as my friends). I suppose I became a writer through years of keeping diaries, and writing letters and short stories—by the mere act of writing. At age four, I dictated my first poem to my mother. While in sixth grade, I penned my first "long" story (77 pages on a yellow-lined tablet). Eager for avenues of expression, I was either writing or playing the piano.

How do you create a story?

   When I begin thinking through a new book, the protagonist (main character) always emerges first. The dilemma or plot line and subplots usually will follow soon after, but it's always the character that grabs my attention. I've never been one to outline meticulously, so part of the delight of writing—the true enjoyment—is discovering what will happen next.

Do you outline your books before writing or "wing it" as you go? 

  I do both. I outline so that I know the beginning, the middle, and the end and then the fun begins as I find my way to all those points along the way. Getting up in the morning to find out what is going to happen to my characters is a lot of fun for me...and for my family, as well, who are very supportive of my writing journeys. I come to each chapter fresh—something like a reader does, eager to know what will take place.

What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of writing books?

  Breathing life into characters and painting word pictures with settings are some of my favorites. Juggling story lines and keeping a time line are more tedious, but I can't say there is any one aspect that I find dreadful. Deadlines (my own writing schedule, as well as my editor's) can be difficult, especially because I have family responsibilities. And I have other interests besides writing books, which include literary organizations I am involved with, making family scrapbooks, playing the piano, and hiking in the woods or the foothills. I also have a few close friends, so I always want to have time for them.

As an experienced novelist, what advice would you give to a beginning writer who hopes to become published someday?

  Forever and always—read! And I suggest reading the very best of literature...the old classics to start. Read the kind of story you'd like to write. As for the actual writing, don't worry about perfection at first. Take your time, get the story down, then rewrite and fine-tune later. And, yes, spelling and grammar do count! There are many wonderful reference books for new writers. Ask the reference librarian at your local public library for help in locating books to point you in the direction of publishers who may be interested in your work.

What kinds of struggles do women who read your books have?

  My readers are not only women, but men, too. Many readers have shared with me that they struggle with life losses—financial ruin and hardship, loss of loved ones through death, divorce, separation, also the death of a young child, as well as soul-searching aspects such as absolute truth, how to know if God truly exists, where is God when life splinters apart to nothing...important issues to be sure.

How does reading your books help readers understand such life-struggles, or, at least, how to cope with these trials?

  I pray that my books are a help on various levels. For one thing, due to the character-driven nature of my novels, my "story people," in many ways, are searching for universal truths, just as readers are. My hope and prayer is that the books I write will offer a faith-based solution to the problems of the human condition. Each of us must deal with the problem of pain and suffering, trials and tests on some level through the span of our lives. My stories offer the hope of the Gospel, that there IS a compassionate, personal God who sees our dilemma, and He cares and understands—and no evil force can separate us from that kind of God-love. It is a true gift, unconditional and available to anyone whose heart is open to divine truth.

What would you write if there were no barriers to prevent it? 

  Precisely what I believe God is nudging me to...in short, the type of books I'm currently writing. I'm quite passionate about what I do—creating characters who "live and breathe" in my readers' hearts and minds, and in mine, as well. I write out of a tender heart toward the Lord, and as long as He gives me something to say, I will answer the call.

Are you surprised at your readers' response to your books?

  Oh, my...yes! One of my greatest joys is hearing from readers who say my stories have touched them significantly—even changed the direction of their lives. So many have written to me: teens in West Africa, men and women of all ages in America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Central America...people whom the Lord is meeting on a personal level, where they are spiritually, emotionally, physically. Most of all, I hope readers might come to know the Lord Jesus in a more intimate way through having discovered God's unconditional love in my books—to experience just a taste of the height and width and breadth of His love for each of us.

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"Ebb Tide"

Retail Price: $15.99
CBD Price: $8.99
You Save $7.00
(Save 44%)

As an Amish teen, Sallie thought her dreams of seeing the world were out of reach. A more attainable opportunity arises when she is offered a nanny job at a well-to-do family’s summer vacation home in Cape May, New Jersey. Sallie’s parents allow her to go, only when she promises to return to complete her baptism preparations. During her free time on the weekends, she meets a young man. Soon she wishes she did not make a promise she is no longer able to keep.

"The Wish"

Retail Price: $15.99
CBD Price: $8.00
You Save $7.00
(Save 44%)

When Gloria Gingerich and her family move to Lancaster County, Leona gets the "sister" she's always wanted---until the Gingeriches leave town after the church expels them. Years later, Leona receives a letter from Gloria and decides to go after her---to the displeasure of her beau, the deacon's son. Will Leona's dearest wish lead to her undoing?

Beverly Lewis
"The Love Letters"

Retail Price: $15.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $6.00
(Save 38%)

"The Guardian, Home to Hickory Hollow Series #3"

Retail Price:
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $5.00
(Save 33%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Secret Keeper, Home to Hickory Hollow Series #4"

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Beverly Lewis -
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Retail Price: $14.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $5.00
(Save 33%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Thorn, Rose Trilogy Series #1"

Retail Price: $14.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $5.00
(Save 33%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Brethren, Annie's People Series #3"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00
(Save 29%)

"The Bridesmaid: Home to Hickory Hollow
Series #2"

Retail Price: $14.99
CBD Price: $9.49
You Save $5.50

(Save 37%)

"The Englisher: Annie's People Series #2"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00
(Save 29%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Forbidden,
The Courtship of Nellie Fisher, #2"

Retail Price: $19.99
CBD Price: $13.99
You Save $6.00
(Save 30%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Secret: Seasons of Grace Series #1"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00
(Save 29%)

"The Parting, Courtship of Nellie Fisher
Series #1"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00

(Save 29%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Missing: Seasons of Grace Series #2"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $6.99
You Save $7.00
(Save 50%)

Beverly Lewis
"The Longing"

Retail Price: $13.99
CBD Price: $9.99
You Save $4.00
(Save 29%)

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