Growing up in small town Georgia, (Cordele) young Austin French dreamed of writing songs as a means to share his faith and passion for Jesus. Being surrounded by a musical family gave him the opportunity to grow towards that goal.
  As he began to develop his gifts, Austin began touring while in high school, taking his music to stages, churches, and anyone who would listen.

  "We would fill up either the church van or my best friend's suburban and drive, praying that we would make it to the gig's without breaking down, just to play for 10 people and then do it again every weekend we could" says Austin.

  There was a passion and calling from God to share music that was rooted in the Gospel and there was no stopping Austin from doing everything he could to share it.

  At the age of eighteen, Austin began leading at Journey Church in Tifton, Georgia just south of Atlanta and eventually became their full-time worship pastor. In 2014, Austin French was featured on the ABC TV show Rising Star, where he won the hearts of millions of viewers - including guest judges Ludacris, Ke$ha, and Brad Paisley. Austin French competed his way to the finale, finished as the runner-up on the show, and had the opportunity to share the stage with multi-platinum recording artist, Josh Groban.

  "I did not see myself being in the top two at all. I feel incredibly blessed," French said.