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Following The Way, An Interview with

By Blake Atwood

    Pastor Adam Hamilton recently delivered the sermon at the National Prayer Service following the 2013 Inauguration. When not speaking to national leaders, he leads the 19,000-member United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, one of the fastest growing, most highly visible churches in the country. 
 The Church Report
  named Hamilton's congregation the most influential mainline church in America, and PBS’s Religion and Ethics Newsweekly identified him as one of the top “Ten People to Watch.”

  Despite his many commitments, he found time to write “The Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus,” a devotional book that retraces Jesus' life and ministry through the Holy Land. Such a book may prove to be beneficial to many who seek to know more about the way of the cross, especially during the Lenten season leading to the celebration of Easter Sunday.
  The book is just entered the Christian Booksellers Top 50 list at #10. Adam actually has a total of five books on this month’s list including “Final Words From The Cross” (#34), “24 Hours That Changed The World,” (#35), “The Way” devotional book (#36) and his newest “Love To Stay,” which just entered the charts at #45.
  So, ten percent of the current top 50 books are by Adam.

How does The Way relate to other recent books of yours?

  Over the years I’ve been to the Holy Land numerous times. The Holy Land is often called “the fifth gospel” because being there changes how you read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. It acts, in many ways, as a living commentary on the gospels.

  After numerous trips over there, I began to outline a trilogy of books that would take readers through the life of Jesus in the light of biblical archaeology, geography and the latest in biblical scholarship. My hope was to help readers grow in their understanding of, and love for, Jesus Christ. As a pastor, I also wanted them to know how the gospel stories not only teach us about Jesus, but about his will for our lives.

  The first in the trilogy of books was “The Journey” which unpacked the stories surrounding the birth of Jesus. The next in the trilogy is “24 Hours That Changed The World,” which focused on Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Way completes the trilogy by exploring the three-year public ministry of Jesus beginning with his baptism in the Jordan. It explores the places Jesus travelled, the main themes of his ministry and the people he ministered with.

Adam with his wife, Lavon Bandy Hamilton,
on his most recent trip to the Holy Land

  In preparing to write these books I returned to the Holy Land three times meeting with archaeologists, Galilean fishermen, a Samaritan priest, as well as scholars and guides who have spent their lives in the land. I sought to retrace the stories in the gospels in a way a typical tour group does not. I walked portions of the journey Mary and Joseph walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem. I spent days backpacking alone across the Galilee exploring the places Jesus ministered. I retraced the footsteps of Jesus during the final day of Jesus’ life. The insights gained from these experiences are all included in the books.

  Knowing that many Christians would like to go to the Holy Land, but only a few will make the journey, we took a film crew to video tape the things I describe in the books. Each chapter has a ten-minute video opening for use in small groups or for personal use. I take readers to all of the places I describe in the book. The book and video work together to deepen the faith, and faithfulness, of readers.

The Way draws you into the Gospels.
Is there a particular Gospel that’s a
favorite of yours, and if so, why?

  The Gospel of Luke is my favorite. I love the way Luke paints such vivid pictures of the people Jesus ministered to. He also makes clear Jesus’ concern for people who were broken, sinners and second class.

  I tend, in the books, to draw most often from Mark’s gospel in that Mark was the most succinct. I often follow him and then supplement with material from the other gospels. When it comes to the teaching of Jesus, I’m drawn to Matthew, who has the most complete body of Jesus’ teachings. John’s gospel was considered the “spiritual gospel” by the early church. He focused on making sure readers understood the theological and spiritual significance of Jesus. Some of the most moving insights into the meaning of the life of Jesus, for me, come from John.

  So, I love Luke, but I’m grateful for Matthew, Mark and John as well.

Themes like the kingdom of God and life as a disciple of Christ come through in the Gospels and in this book. Did these concepts have a new impact on you as you wrote about them?

  You can’t talk the life and ministry of Jesus without speaking of the Kingdom of God. This is the central theme of his teaching and preaching. Jesus’ primary call upon those who heard him was to “follow me.” My hope in The Way is to help readers understand more clearly what it means to be a part of the Kingdom of God and what it looks like to faithfully follow Jesus.

  In the book, I devote much of one chapter to walking through the Sermon on the Mount, for here Jesus gives the clearest picture of what our lives are meant to look like if God is our King. While none of us completely live up to his teachings there — in fact some would say it is impossible to do so — his words there represent my highest aspirations for how I would live. And my inability to fully live up to them point to my need for Christ’s saving work in my life.   

No doubt folks will find some of your insights on the life of Christ intriguing.
For instance, on “Palm Sunday,” you state that there were two other processions —
designed to show force — going on the same day. Where are those cited in history?

  We know that Pontius Pilate’s primary residence was in Caeserea Maritima on the coast. Yet we know from the gospels that he was in Jerusalem for the Passover. It is likely that he came over to keep peace in the city (the Passover was a particularly troublesome time for the Romans as the feast was a celebration of how God had delivered his people from slavery in Egypt – the hope of many Jews was that God would do this again, delivering them from Roman rule – hence the need to have Rome’s governor present along with this troops to prevent an uprising). 

  We also know from the gospels that Herod Antipas was in Jerusalem for the Passover. His primary residence was in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. He would have come in a royal procession with his own military to Jerusalem for the Passover. We cannot know exactly which day each of the other two processions would have arrived in Jerusalem, but I suggest in the book that the three may have occurred on the same day. Jesus’ processional, riding on a donkey, calling people to love their enemies, and surrounded by a ragamuffin band of followers would have stood in stark contrast to the other processionals. 

The Way can be read year-round, of course, but you mention Lent. Did you write it particularly with that special season in mind?

  As you note, the book can be read any time, but I was imagining that many would read it during Lent. There are six weeks of Lent and there are six chapters in the book. The first chapter deals with Jesus’ baptism and temptations, and the season of Lent begins in this same place with the baptism and temptation of Jesus. Lent ends with Holy Week and the final chapter in the book takes readers through the events of Holy Week climaxing in Christ’s crucifixion.
  The epilogue to the book corresponds with Easter – its focus is on the meaning of the resurrection. My hope is that those who read it during Lent will find their experience of Holy Week and Easter deeper and more meaningful for having read the book. 

There are a number of companion products
to the hardcover book. How can church leaders best encourage their congregations
to use these?

  The Way is designed to be a church-wide focus with curriculum for children and youth, a video and leader’s guide for Bible studies, small group and Sunday School classes to use with the hardbound book, and a 40-day devotional with daily readings from the gospels and meaningful reflections upon these texts. There is a 60-second video we’ve prepared that shows where the book will take people and another that is meant to be a promo for churches to show in worship the week before the emphasis begins.
  Over 15,000 churches have used The Journey and 24 Hours That Changed the World so far. Doing The Way as a church-wide emphasis has the power to unify a church and to deepen the faith and passion of the congregation. 
  As the congregation reads and studies, the pastor has the opportunity to preach from the same themes and amazing things happen.

From FaithVillage.com
Click Here

Mega-church pastor Adam Hamilton’s scandalous take on Scripture - See more at: http://jonathanmerritt.religionnews.com/2014/05/01/adam-hamilton-offers-scandalous-take-on-scripture/#sthash.jn36UYog.dpuf
Mega-church pastor Adam Hamilton’s scandalous take on Scripture - See more at: http://jonathanmerritt.religionnews.com/2014/05/01/adam-hamilton-offers-scandalous-take-on-scripture/#sthash.jn36UYog.dpuf
Mega-church pastor Adam Hamilton’s scandalous take on Scripture - See more at: http://jonathanmerritt.religionnews.com/2014/05/01/adam-hamilton-offers-scandalous-take-on-scripture/#sthash.jn36UYog.dpuf

The Adam Hamilton interview on ‘Making Sense of the Bible’
while growing the church

(Currently #11 on the Christian Bookseller's Top 50 List -
Click Here for Complete List)

By David Crumm

  Q: On July 12, you turned 50. You're only six years older than Rob Bell. And, already, you're a long way toward your life's goal of leading a revival within mainline Protestant churches, specifically within your own United Methodist denomination.

  A: We care deeply about wanting to see the United Methodist church revived and revitalized.

  Q: As a journalist, it's hard to keep up with everything you're doing with your huge team of colleagues. I hadn't realized until recently that you've got a satellite program called Partner Churches that now lists eight congregations from Maryland to California. This is for small churches, often served by part-time pastors, who want to use Church of the Resurrection resources-including your sermons in a video feed, right?

  A: Yes, we know that all of the things we are trying to do won't work the same way everywhere. There have to be many different approaches to ministry. Remember that the majority of our United Methodist congregations are small. Many of them have local pastors in some cases part-time at the church. Some of our small churches are led by lay people who serve as excellent pastors in their communities in many cases.
  Some of these men and women are excellent shepherds; they're great at hospital visitation and other areas of ministry-but perhaps they don't feel they can preach very well, or at least not every week. So, that program, Partner Churches, provides a high-quality sermon from Resurrection and other resources.

  Q: Readers may think that sounds like something out of the "prosperity preaching" movement-Creflo Dollar and others have done. But what you're doing here stems from the very roots of Methodism more than 200 years ago. Methodism was an incredible grassroots, pack-it-up-and-move-it movement. Circuit Riders crisscrossed America. Wesley himself was a pamphleteer widely using the latest technologies for rapid print distribution of his texts.

  A: The example I use is a 1789 edition of John Wesley's sermons that was published while he was at his City Road chapel in London. I hold up my copy of that book and I say, "In America, when the Circuit Riders started a church, they would get it going and then they would leave to work in another town and they'd say, 'Here is a book of Wesley's sermons; read one each week until I return to you.' And they would. We're just adapting Wesley's model for the 21st Century.

  Q: That pattern spread like wildfire in the era of Francis Asbury. Wesley's assistant before the American Revolution and later one of the first Methodist bishops. The more I've researched Wesley's life myself, the more impressed I am with his courageous innovations. The book of sermons reflects his roots in the Church of England where there was a tradition of publishing sample sermons. So, it was natural for him to carry this idea much further. For Asbury and his team, sample sermons were a great help. Most United Methodist leaders, even today, have copies of Wesley’s numbered sermons..

  A: We're constantly testing what we can do to help small- and medium-sized churches, especially those that are struggling. Partner Churches is just one example. We're trying all kinds of things. In our online worship, last Sunday, we had 3,600 people actually logging in during the worship services. The online participants register their attendance; they can turn in their prayer requests; they can make donations. That's the fastest growing segment of our congregation.

  They visit us from many places. Recently I was out of town, so I worshiped online myself. What's interesting is that out of 3,600 men and women we have online on a Sunday morning, about 2,000 of them are Resurrection members, but they choose to worship online with us-for many reasons. Many people can't make it to the church on a Sunday, for example, but this gives them an opportunity to be with us.


  Q: Right now, you're speaking to a larger national audience through this new book and events like last year's sermon at the National Cathedral as a part of President Obama's inauguration. But, many of our ReadTheSpirit readers are meeting you for the first time today. So, I want you to describe this passion that drives you: Your goal isn't political influence or riches. You've said you're donating any proceeds from this new book back to your church. You really do want to see mainline Protestant churches start to thrive again, right?

  A: There were two things I had in mind as I was finishing this new book: One is the person who has been turned off to Christianity because of things they've heard or experienced in the past. The most vocal Christians we see in America today are conservative evangelicals and Fundamentalists-and I know those are two different categories, but the two groups do overlap. I don't regularly watch Bill Maher, but I happened to see him on TV the other day ridiculing Christians because of this new Noah movie. Maher was pointing out that  a large portion of Americans tell pollsters that we need to take these Bible stories literally-and Maher also was pointing out how absurd the Noah story seems, if we have to take it literally. He pointed out that it's obscene to think that God wanted to kill virtually every man, woman, child and animal on the planet.

  The Bible does seem absurd to many people, today. And misunderstandings about the Bible lead to all kinds of confrontations. I think of people in my own congregation: One woman is studying biology at the university level and she told me, "I'm in a Bible-study group and people are telling me I can't be a Christian if I believe in evolution. Modern biology rests on the assumptions of evolution."

  There are so many issues that arise if we try to take everything in the Bible as literally true. What do we do with all the violence in the Bible? What do we do with the passages in which God seems to be ordering overwhelming violence against men, women and children? There are lots of people wrestling with these issues inside and outside of churches all across America. I write about these issues in the new book.

  I want people to know that there is room to interpret scripture in light of modern science and that we don't have to accept that God intentionally ordered this overwhelming violence we read about in some passages. But we have to properly understand the Bible. I've been saying this repeatedly within the United Methodist Church.

  Q: Now, through HaperOne, you're saying this to a much broader audience. Clearly, you want to revive "mainline Protestant" churches. You're also known as fairly evangelical among United Methodists. Crossing over into the national arena now, one big question is: Where do you stand on interfaith relationships? In my own research into your work, I'm finding very positive examples of cooperation with diverse communities. You were honored, at one point, with a B'nai B'rith award in social ethics.

  A: We've tried hard to develop positive relationships with the Jewish community here in our own area. We've shared some worship services together. That's important here because, in the very area where our church sits today-until the 1960s, Jews were not allowed to purchase homes in this community. We regularly talk about this. I have friends, rabbis, who I bring on the screen with me to share in certain sermons where their insights are valuable. I've taken a trip to the Holy Land with a rabbi friend. We've also met with and talked with Muslims. We've sponsored forums here where we bring Christians, Muslims and Jews together to talk.


  Q: You point out that, in today's world, the religious challenge really is not between faith groups-it's between religion and secular culture. Americans are distinctive in the world because of our intense interest in religion nationwide. In the UK and across Europe, there's a stark contrast: Very few people go to church anymore. Even in America, people really need a crash course in "Bible 101″ to understand the Bible.

  A: Yes, that's how to understand my new book. There are so many folks out there who know very little about the Bible. If they read my book, I hope it will clear up some of their misconceptions; then I hope it will lead them to read the Bible itself; and maybe they will decide to visit a church where they can find out more. In the first half of my book, I lay out the Bible: how it came to be, the sweep of the Bible and so on. Then, in the second half of my book, I address some of the very difficult issues that still spring from the Bible today.

  A lot of times pastors are nervous about sharing what they've learned in seminary and through scholarship with lay people in their churches. They fear this might undermine people's confidence in scripture. So, we end up with a lot of pastors letting unquestioned assumptions continue and accumulate out there. In this book, I tried to put about a year's worth of graduate study of the Bible into a book that general readers will find interesting. I find that too many people-including Christians inside the church-have an inadequate understanding of the Bible.

  Q: I know enough about you to tell readers: You love the Bible. Your own daily reliance on scripture is described in the opening page of your new book.

  A: I really do love the Bible, yes. The Bible contains the defining story of my life. As you just noted, I do regularly tell people how I wake up in the morning: I drop to my knees and pray and then the very next thing I do is read the Bible. And, before I go to bed at night, no matter how tired I am, I open my Bible and read. I carry a Bible with me everywhere I go; I carry a Bible on my phone, too, but I always have an actual Bible with me. We encourage Bible reading here. We prepare a daily Bible reading for people to encourage them to read more of the scriptures. Every day, I'm doing all I can to encourage more people to spend more time with the Bible.

From day1.org - Click Here

Q&A with Adam Hamilton, on his book,"Love to Stay"

By Brenda Smotherman

There are a number of relationship books in the market, what makes Love to Stay unique?

  As a pastor, I draw from the wisdom of the Scriptures. But I also cite advice from experts in the field of relationships; wisdom gleamed from the real life experiences of hundreds of couples who have met with me to talk about their marriages over the years; and the often humorous experience of my wife LaVon and I during our thirty years of marriage.

  However, what makes this book truly unique is the discoveries reaped from the Love, Sex, and Marriage online survey I developed to allow us to get a deeper look at what couples and singles think about relationships. The book reflects the collective viewpoints of 5,184 people single and married persons from across the country who shared what they appreciated, and what frustrated them, in the areas of love, sex, and marriage.

What would you say to someone who asks if marriage is work?

  One of the most important things about love, marriage, and sexual intimacy is that it’s hard work. When we fall in love, it seems so easy. But maintaining love over decades—that’s another story. Most couples have seasons when they fall out of love. Most report that their sex life seems boring at times. Most think about calling it quits. Most fight fairly regularly. But those who don’t give up, who work on their marriage, who endure “until they are parted by death” find profound rewards. I wrote Love to Stay to help people find or rediscover a love that not only stays but deepens over the years.

Sex has been trivialized in our culture today.
What kind of impact do you think that has on relationships?

  Sex is meant to have real impact in our lives. If we trivialize it, if it becomes only about pleasure and release, as wonderful as those are it no longer functions the way sex was intended to function, as something that cements us together. We have defeated one of its most important purposes.

What did your survey find were the top three things that spouses fought about?

  The top three things that men and women cited as things that they fight about were the same for both genders.

  1. Communication / failure to listen
  2. Money / finances
  3. Feeling unappreciated

Is there an area that sticks out to you in which you’ve frequently noticed Christians not understanding the Scriptures’ directive about marriage?

  In Ephesians 4 Paul describes the Christian ideal for how we are to treat people. But in that same letter to the Ephesians, Paul writes that women are to submit to their husbands. Paul lived in a patriarchal society in which women were considered to be the property of their fathers or husbands.
  His epistle, therefore, actually elevated the status of women relative to the broader society, but the church sometimes has interpreted this passage to mean that the man is the boss, the overlord of the woman, and that he can do with her what he likes. We forget Paul has just said that evil words should not come out of our mouths.
  We forget he has said we are to submit mutually to each other, that husbands are to love their wives as Christ loved the church.

What do you see as being devastating threats in a marriage?

  Adultery, addiction, and abuse—as devastating as these threats to marriage can be, it is possible to work through them and survive. I have heard those stories as well. God can heal. God can deliver. God will show grace and mercy.
  We are human. We make mistakes. We do things we shouldn’t. But for those of us who are believers, the gospel brings good news. God offers second chances. God changes hearts and lives. God heals, mends, and resurrects broken things.

What is the most important thing you hope to convey within Love to Stay?

  Nothing is more important than this: In order to love selflessly, to be able to clothe yourself in those virtues Paul describes, to be the husband or wife you need to be, you must have God’s help.  Having a relationship with God before you have a relationship with your mate gives you the capacity to love.

From MinistryMatters.com - Click Here

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"Making Sense of
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Adam Hamilton
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